Laoshan Sandalwood (India Sandalwood) Bracelet, 14MM Beads with Charm

Price JPY 16,000 including GST

We are using the Indian sandalwood (Laoshan sandalwood), the highest grade among the sandalwood. Sandalwood scent has been used for incense and aromatherapy, to strengthen concentration and calm the nerve.

This is the original wheel method (Falun) charm.
The wheel method, including Falun, circle ornament, Kongo wheel, are also called chakra.
The wheel symbolizes Buddhist teaching to continue the future like a wheel that continues to turn.
It is used in ancient India as Buddhist symbol, before the Buddha statue was created.
Round jewelry, is believed to protect the owners from evil calamity.

The charm comes with Swarovski bead in the centre.
At the back, there is a carving of an energy building chant (Heart Sutra).

The main beads 14mm
An inner diameter of 16.5cm