Green Mayumi Life Tree Rosary Bracelet 14 MM Coral Agate (Chrysanthemum Mountain Coral)

Price JPY 7,500 including GST

Green Mayumi Life Tree
In the West, it is used as a medicine for many disease, that is why it is called the Life Tree.
It is considered as a lucky tree in the East, and loved by the royal family and high priest as the material for their rosary.
It is known for the hardest wood in the world. As you use it throughout time, the color will change.
Green Mayumi (Riguramubaita) has become very rare, and the trading is regulated by the Washington Convention.

Coral Agate
From the bottom of the sea, the crustal movement has pushed it up and formed a mountain.
The mountain evolved through time and become coral, called the mountain coral.
The mountain coral has evolved into agate, the material of this item.
It is from the nature repeated change that we finally get this material and therefore has become very precious in its value.

At the surfaceof the stone, you can see the a mysterious glow of myriad of coral, such as the chrysanthemum flower.