Japanese Jade Rosary (Itoigawa) Bracelet 8 MM

Price JPY 180,000 including GST

Jade from Itoigawa, Japan, is considered a natural commemorate item, that is very limited in numbers, and only available in Itoigawa.
Due to the limited number of availability, the material has been a valuable material in recent years.
The stone has a lot of white parts, and therefore, the one with green color in it is very valuable.
The material for our product is carefully and especially selected.

Japanese jade has a high quality and is loved by people in Asia, this stone is called God`s stone, and has been made into various jewelry like pendant since ancient age. The stone is believed to represent longevity and good health.

Even now, the beauty an the rarity of this material attract people to acquire this product.

This product “Itoigawa Jade” is a special product where the material up to the finishing of the product in conducted in Japan.