Laoshan Sandalwood (India Sandalwood) Sutra Carved Rosary Bracelet 10 MM

Price JPY 18,144 including GST

We are using the Laoshan Sandalwood or India Sandalwood, which has the highest grade among the sandalwood.
Sandalwood scent has been used for incense and aromatherapy, to calm the nerve and to increase concentration power.
Each bead is carved and threaded to make one beautiful rosary bracelet.

There are 3 kinds of carving you can choose: Heart Sutra, Nam Amida Buddha, and Nam Mu Hyoho Rengekyo.
Heart Sutra: For each sect, but not for Jodo Shinshu and Nichiren
Amen Amida Buddha: For Jodo, Jodo Shinshu, and Tendai
Namumyohorengekyo: For Nichiren