Sophora Orange Bead Furiwake 3 Double Tassle with Odamaki Bonten

Price JPY 9,000 including GST

Sophora, which is also known as “Enju” or “Entama”, is a tree of good luck since ancient times.
Sophora tree is considered a precious wood tree. Long time ago, people carved the tree surface and put it on the unfortunate spot (according to fengshui) in their house to prevent bad things from happening. In addition, it is believed that this tree will bring longevity and safe delivery process. During hard delivery, the branch of this tree is present to make the delivery easier and smooth.

This Sophora tree has been associated with longevity, safe delivery, and happiness.

The tassle ends with Odamaki Bonten (Japanese traditional beads craft), that will last this item for a long time.

This rosary is used for shingon.