Rosary Accessories Pochette with Plum Pattern

Price JPY 1,700 including GST

It is a convenient small pochette with plum pattern, called “Shikunshi” to carry your valuable rosary.
Plum is loved by people since ancient times, it is also used in many poems. It is a flower that attracts enormous popularity.
Plum does not fear the cold of winter, and dignified flowering among the wind and snow.
The flower is beautiful, and the fragrance is also refreshing.
In addition, it blooms from early spring to the end of the winter, it blooms before any other flowers do.
Plum represents a strong spirit, immaculate figure, aloof, noble personality.

It is an easy to handle, zipper opening and closing.
The material is soft and easy to use.
You can also use it as a glove compartment or cosmetics pouch.

Also available in other size for 108 rosary.

Made in Kyoto.

Size: 120 MM (Width) x 120 MM (Height)