Japanese Cypress 108 beads, Arizona Turquoise with Silk Tassle

Price JPY 15,000 including GST

Cypress has a high fat content, and is often called “fire tree” because it produces fire by rubbing it.
Cypress is also insect repellent, due to the antiseptic effect it has, has been used a lot as a building material since ancient times.
The world’s oldest wooden building, “Horyuji Temple”, is using a lot of cypress.
The fresh scent from the wood is used for relaxing and refreshing. It is even called has the effect of forest bathing.
It is recommended for people who live a busy life in the city, with difficult access to nature.
We have combined tonic and sedative effect, that will not only calm your mind, but also to lift up your feeling.
It comes with the valuable turquoise from Arizona, USA.

The main beads are 7 MM, 108 pcs