Kongo Pearl Linden (Rudorakusha) Bracelet with Turquoise Stone

Price JPY 8,000 including GST

It is one of the 5 most popular linden.

It is the fruit of linden tree, very rare and valuable. It has been used for centuries in worship service of Hinduism and Buddhist, also during meditation. The stone is very sacred since it is believed to have healing power on the person who wear it. Kongo pearl linden is also known as Rudorakusha. Rudorakusha has a meaning of Lord Shiva`s tears, that flows during a prayer to bring happiness to people on this earth. It is believed that on that place, where the tear flows, the linden tree grows.

The ohms mark is carved on the main bead.
Ohm is an ancient religion that has been worshipped in many parts of the world. Ohm is from Sanskrit language, the world`s oldest language that is recognized by scientists. There are a variety of interpretations , but one thing in common is that Ohm does exist in us and in this universe.

Ohm exists in the past, present, and future, it is also said to be the sound of the sun and the light of the sound. Also used before and after yoga practice.

The main bead is 7 MM
Inner diameter is 165 MM